Ford Day Blackpool

Sunday 16th September

We hit Ford Day in Blackpool, not many photo’s taken as we didn’t know this site would exist this week!
Lew was in his Escort van & Si in his Fiesta

Setting off from Southport to Blackpool, we headed across into the brisk wind & rain. Once we got there the size of the strip was huge, from Escort Cosworth’s to Ford Puma’s.
After 2 hours of walking up and down the strip we decided it was time for a brew, and hit the hottest cafe in Blackpool. By hottest i dont mean the coolest, i mean temperature wise! Jesus christ the condensation off the windows was un real! haha.

cant believe this was the second year we’ve been, the year flew by! A great day out.

More pic’s & videos of Lew & Si’s cars coming soon!


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