Oulton Park Drift Day –

There’s 2 small circuits usually used for rally training but approximately once a month they open them for drifting. They keep both circuits wet through out the day which makes them extremely slippery. When dry, the circuits are quite dusty so with the water added you end up with quite a muddy top layer which has grip properties similar to ice and also it’s not a day for you if you like keeping your car clean.
The circuits them self are quite tight and depending on how long your gear ratios are, there’s hardly any need to get out of 1st. It is quite pricey compared to other drift days but if its more local to you then its not too bad and a good place for beginners. The wet circuit limits control quite a bit and you’re fairly guaranteed to spin a few times but a whole day has near no effect on tyre wear so second sets of tyres aren’t needed. There’s no need to worry about spinning either as everyone will do it and there’s plenty of run off on most the track, a few tyre walls but they’ll move if you cant avoid them.
Check out the MSV website for more details http://www.clubmsv.com/car-home/news/drifting-at-oulton-park

Kurt Conyngham


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