Roy Ellison’s RB25det Kouki S13 200sx

Happy 2013 Speed Whores!

We’re kicking off the New Year with our first car write up, with many more to come.

Today’s Build: – Roy Ellison’s RB25det Kouki S13 200sx

Our good friend Roy started his search for an S13 back in 2009 travelling far and wide to find the perfect car to transform into his vision. As is the way after viewing a couple of unsuitable candidates he finally settled upon one that appeared not 500 yards from his house. After some inquiring it turned out to be up for sale, solid all round and had a recently reconditioned engine although it did have a slight running issue. It wouldn’t be an S13 if it didn’t come with some rough edges. A deal was quickly struck up and the grey Nissan had a new owner.


Roy didn’t waste any time in making things happen and the parts started rolling in with BC Racing coilovers from Apex and Rota Grid Drifts in a massive 18×9.5 with an offset of ET35 with some stretched rubber and the obligatory sleepy eye modification.



As with every S13 owner they need a decent amount of work space, so the garage was cleared out and the man cave was born. This would be a place in which Roy would come to spend most of his time for the upcoming months.


Next up we see the Kouki rear lights and some interior upgrades being made with deep dish suede steering wheel and a triple gauge dash mounted set up.




Then along came the all too familiar ca18det mechanical issues, having oil in the water, slight play in the CAS and cam splines contributing to some nice misfires. Whilst these issues where being looked into as the car wouldn’t be moving for some time, along came the S14 4 pot brakes to add some extra stopping power.

After no end of running problems the bottom end as with many ca18det’s decided to let go, so it was major overhaul time at the Ellison house. This involved stripping the engine bay and doing a full re-spray with the colour of the day being Pink. Keeping the original exterior colour and the new pink engine bay , what really made our sides split here at Speed whores was the description of the this colour combination as the ‘Vets view of the insides of an elephant’.

So with the engine sent off to DAL Motorsports and the engine bay given a freshen up, in came a front mount intercooler and some more tasteful colours for beneath the bay.



Along with a stripped and sprayed interior



Finally the engine turned up and was swiftly seated back in its rightful position in the depth of the elephant! Along with a compliment of stage 1 parts



Much to both Roys and his bank accounts dismay the running problems he was having with the ca18det still weren’t cured even with this full rebuild, so off it went again for a timing check-up. By this point the thought of going giving up was a no-go area and the idea of a RB25det conversion had pretty much been settled upon and the hunt began for a decent block and the necessary parts involved in squeezing one into the S13 body.

So after some forum hunting and many phone calls to breakers it was time to say adios to the CA and hello RB25det!






Whilst this conversion was going on it was decided that the exterior also needed a spruce up, so in classic Roy style a few phone calls were made and a full Magic Areo Kouki kit turned up on the scene with N1 vents in the front bumper to add a bit of flare.



Just when you thought that was enough, as it would be for many, the great additions just kept on coming with this build. Interior wise K-sport buckets with Sparco harnesses where installed and for the exterior a new FPR vented hood modified to open vertically and Nismo front lower arms.



What an epic build this is, for someone who had very little mechanical knowledge when he undertook this project, with all the work bar the engine rebuilds where done by himself in the confines of his own garage, the finish and finesse is an absolute credit. This is definitely the way to go about building yourself a fine car.

We at Speed Whores salute you Roy on a build that really delivers!

Here are some recent photos of how the RB25det S13 stands as of now, but this is one to keep an eye on folks as there’s even more to come! Surely one of the best examples around as far as we’re concerned!






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